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Acupuncture Practical Training at ICOM explained by joint Principal Sam Patel

Tel. 01342 313106 www.orientalmed.ac.uk Sam Patel, joint Principal at the International College of Oriental Medicine explains the practical training offered to …85


Ayurvedic Acupressure Therapy for Frozen Shoulder | How To Get Rid of Shoulder Pain

Ayurvedic Acupressure Therapy for Frozen Shoulder | How To Get Rid of Shoulder Pain [removed] This Quick 13 Minute Video Shows You …775


Spoken Hindi Through English Full Course Part4

Spoken Hindi Through English Full Course Part5 Spoken english online you tube learning videos through tamil telugu malayalam hindi kannada class tutorial …5761


20 Acupressure Pressure Point Treatment and Details Part I



Cure the Yips with EFT and Enlightened Golf: A Quick Lesson in EFT for Golf

This is a short clip explaining one round of the rapid emotional acupressure treatment that helps golfers lower their handicap and cure the yips. For more …366


Acupressure points for glaucoma.

Acupressure points to relieve eye pressure.184


CV 17 Acupressure Point for Instant Relief of Pain, Tension, Stress, Anxiety – Dr Mandell

Conception Vessel 17 (CV17) is located on the sternum (breast-bone), on the midline, directly between the two nipples. If you are feeling stressed, in pain, …154


Chinese Acupressure Points & Massage for Pains, Headaches & Qigong

A Qigong expert shows us Chinese acupressure, acupressure points and acupressure massage for headaches, body pains, and to prepare for Qigong …1084


Acupressure class 1

Talk and demo by Dr. George Jacob, Senior Faculty, Jai Bhagwan Acupressure Service (International)’ Mumbai, at Shivajyothi Bhavan, Palakkad; The doctor …1847