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Tag archives for For Pain Relief

Stiff Neck Treatment (Hindi)-Massage, Pressing Tips For Pain Relief-गर्दन की अकड़न-Sachin Goyal

Stiff Neck Treatment – How to do massage, press neck area for neck pain, stiffness relief. Also work for neck cervical pain. From America and other English …230


Acupressure : Acupressure & Hip Pain

The acupressure point for hip pain is located at Gallbladder 30, also known as the pocket point because it is located near the back pocket of most pants.132


Acupressure For Neck Pain

[removed] Use the acupressure ball or roller to provide neck pain relief and acupressure massage. Heat in the …225


10 Best acupressure points to treat body pains and other problems

Here we mentioned 10 Best acupressure points to treat body pains and other problems.66


Knee Pain Treatment at Home – How to Treat Knee Pain by Sachin Goyal (Hindi, French, English CC)

Knee Pain Treatment at home is possible. Quickly treat knee pain at home using these natural methods. Knee pain treatment includes basic techniques that …204


Acupressure mats in the news – pain relief with an acupressure mat

[removed] See this news presentation featuring acupressure mats. See and hear the opinion of unbiased anchors. Acupressure mats relief …129


Home Acupressure Pain Relief

Check out Verona’s new book "How To Live A Life Without Pain" [removed] Learn how to ease headache, neck pain, facial …297


Top 8 Acupressure points for Pain Relief & Other Problems [Hindi]

8 Acupressure Hand points | Benefits of Hands [Hindi] 8 हाथ के एक्यूप्रेशर पॉइंट्स जो आपके स्वस्थ के लिए लाभ…194


Neck Pain Relief from Self , Help Acupressure

[removed] www.AcuApp.com, Discover relief from chronic neck pain using time-tested healing right in your hands. AcuApp uses easy to follow step …205


Triple Warmer Acupressure Point for Fast Amazing Neck Pain Relief – Dr Mandell

The Triple Warmer Meridian Route affects the arm, shoulder, neck, and head regions. Triple Warmer 3 is the key master point for neck pain. TW3 (Zhongzhu) is …217