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Instant Tension Headache Natural Remedy and Cure in 30 seconds or Less for Head and Neck Pain

Get instant headache pain relief from now from severe, contant, frequent, headaches, whether in the occiput, sinus, behind the eye, by treating your own …171


Migrane Headach Relief – Foot Reflexology Tip

www.healingplacemedfield.com or follow and like the healingplacemedfield on FB and Twitter. How Reflexology can help you find relief from migraine …825


Instant Headache Relief in Seconds with Self Massage Technique – Dr Mandell

The majority of all headaches are tension related headaches. The blockage of blood circulation along with contraction/shortening of muscles is what causes this …173


How to relieve sinus pain : Hayfever and sinus acupressure points

In this short video I will show you some of the best acupressure points you can massage to relieve hayfever and sinus pressure. I run an acupuncture clinic in …240


Instant Relief of Sinus, Allergies, Congestion, Headaches (3 Master Acupressure Points) – Dr Mandell

These 3 Master Points work like magic when acupressure is applied correctly. They are very effective and work very quickly in most of these conditions.279


Acupressure Facial Massage to relive sinus pressure & headache

The key to reducing pain from sinus pressure is to get the phlegm moving – and draining. Stimulating acupressure points on the face with your thumb and fingers …94


Accupressure for Migraine | Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure for Migraine In today’s life, most of the people do suffer from Migraine especially young generation. Jagmohan Sachdeva ji has given a cure …240


How to Cure a Headache with Acupressure

Nutella Bread Recipe: [removed] Watch more How to Get Rid of a Headache videos: …95


Fast Relief Self-Healing Point for Sinus Congestion, Stuffy Nose, Headaches – Dr Mandell

This acupressure point is a very effective point to help the body stimulate the natural healing process. It is most effective for sinus congestion, stuffy nose, and …139


Acupressure Treatment For Headache | Simple & Easy Step | Live Vedic

HEADACHE : INTRODUCTION : This one of the most common yet intimidating problems that all of us have suffered at some point of time. The most common type …153