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Anxiety & Stress Relief Acupressure Points

Discover Acupressure Point CV 17 and the official website for Acupressure: [removed] In this clip, CV 17 is used for opening the heart, calming …234


Migraine treatment in hindi head pain headache at home yoga ayurveda exercise

अपने सरदर्द को २ मिनट में दूर भगायें Migraine treatment in hindi head pain headache at home yoga ayurveda exercise :- In this video…154


Acupressure for Women : Acupressure Points for Menstrual Cramping

Certain acupressure points on a woman’s body can greatly relieve the pain of menstrual cramping. Learn about acupressure points for menstrual cramping with …202


Tinnitus/ Ears Ringing Cured 100 % using Specific Acupressure treatment points.

Tinnitus cured 100% in 1 year of self treatment under our guidance . in 2011 . till date no Recurrence .. +91 9869036813 / +91 9820685280.324


Ayurvedic Acupressure | How to Increase Height Using Mudra | Height Gain Mudra

In this video we will learn about how to increase height using mudra. According to Ayurvedic Acupressure, three things are required for increasing height.271


Why Can't We Reverse Nerve Damage?

Science has made incredible strides in improving the way our body heals, except when it comes to nerves. What makes nerves so hard to fix? Are We Close to …279


Acupressure: The Ancient Secret To Losing Weight And Gaining Energy

Attention Frustrated Dieters: Losing weight doesn’t have to be so hard. Grace Suh, acupuncturist and fat loss expert, has developed a method that harnesses the …1043


Acupressure Point to Cure Menstrual or Period Problems in Women Baba Ramdev



Asthma Relief

Learn how to relieve asthma using Acupressure. Discover an acupressure point on the upper chest for relieving asthmatic symptoms such as difficulty breathing, …80


Stiff Neck Treatment (Hindi)-Massage, Pressing Tips For Pain Relief-गर्दन की अकड़न-Sachin Goyal

Stiff Neck Treatment – How to do massage, press neck area for neck pain, stiffness relief. Also work for neck cervical pain. From America and other English …230

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